Summarizing the Cockroach Labs 2021 Cloud Report (AWS, GCP, and Azure)

This report compares the top 3 cloud providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure)

Yaakov Bressler
1 min readFeb 1, 2021


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  • GCP is the most performant provider for high-performance distributed database services.
  • AWS is the cheapest and most cost-effective in almost every area.
  • AWS has the fastest latency (by > 20%). Throughput, however, is unreliable.
  • GCP has the best performing network throughput by a magnitude of 2–3X AWS & Azure


  • Azure has the best write io. (They’re the leader for sensors + industrial solutions.)
  • GCP has the best read io. (They’re the leader for massive data utilization.)
  • AWS is the cheapest. They also built a custom CPU processor — the gravitron — which is a beast. Also, AWS’ network is extremely fast but cannot handle large throughout. (This has to do with the age + history of their fiber optic network.)



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