Shortcut for Sending Zoom Meeting Invitations (Mac & PC)

Create a custom shortcut for sending Zoom meeting invitations (tutorials for both Mac and PC).

Yaakov Bressler


For most of us, Zoom meetings have become a regular part of our day. When meetings are correctly scheduled, life is a breeze. But when scheduled Zoom meetings aren’t right, chaos ensues.

Here’s the shortcut in action!
Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

I personally hate scrambling for a Zoom link — including signing in and clicking on 10 different things before finding the proper link and sending it.

Oops, did you copy the entire invitation template…? All you wanted was the link! No! Not the meeting ID, the link…!

Here, I will show you a simple trick to easily share Zoom meeting links with just a few keystrokes.

Call it a “hack” if you want to techno-anarchistic.
…Keystrokes… you’re becoming a techno-sleuth already!

Text replacement with Mac | PC

Mac comes with a built in text replacement feature; with Windows, you must install an outside application. Text replacement works just like autocorrect (in fact, it is autocorrect) — your operating system (Mac|PC) will substitute any text you designate with a replacement.

I like to use these for special phrases and symbols — such as the degree symbol in “67°” '\\deg' → '°' or my home address for texting friends or food deliveries 'address@' → '1725 (Suite 200) Slough Ave, Scranton, PA 18506'.

Now that we know how things work, let’s create a text shortcut for Zoom!

(MAC) Step 1: Create a Text Shortcut

  1. Click on the Apple symbol on the upper left corner of your screen:
  2. Go to System Preferences >> Keyboard >> Text
  3. Create a new text shortcut (press the + button)
  4. For Replace (left side of the shortcut), enter a handy shortcut phrase → I personally use zoom@ (choose a phrase you won’t accidentally use, otherwise your zoom link will show up unintended situations).