Introduction to Programming: Pig Latin Translator in Python

Learning to code with CS50 is bad. Learn from this tutorial instead — and have fun too!

Yaakov Bressler
2 min readNov 19, 2023
Watch youtube tutorial here:


Learning to code should be fun and silly. (Too often, I am hearing tales of rough experiences learning to code.)

If you’ve never written a line of code, this guide is for you.


Before I say anything…

Your first taste of code should not:

  1. Be difficult.
  2. Include learning HTML & CSS:
    HTML and CSS are complex areas of software (how do browsers even work?) — and don’t give a good overview of the interesting areas of programming.
  3. Be to take Harvard’s famed CS50:
    CS50 is a notorious weed-out class (they literaly want to discourage you from learning to code) — I strongly recommend against using it to learn to code.

Rather, your first taste of code should:

  1. Be fun.
  2. Be encouraging:
    Learning is fun and good for you. Weed out classes are nonsense, I despise them.
  3. Be Realistic:
    Give you an idea of the type of coding you might be doing in the professional workplace.

Video Tutorial:

Follow along and watch here:

Follow the tutorial video!

Link to Code (for following along):

Click “open in Colab” to follow along!

Written Guide:

If people want more of a written narrative, I’ll describe things here. In the meantime, the video should suffice.


In this video, I provide an introduction to Python programming. I cover topics such as writing code, creating variables, using comments, manipulating strings, and creating functions and loops. I also explain the importance of organizing code and highlight that coding is more about organizing things than complex math. By the end of the video, viewers will have a basic understanding of Python programming and be able to write simple code.

Continued Learning:

I’ll add additional resources for learning to code here, soon.