10 Takeaways from Stack Overflow’s Conference to enhance Developer Productivity

Here are my top takeaways from attending “Flow State 2022” — Stack Overflow’s conference on developer productivity.



1. Developers spend a lot of time searching for knowledge, online

2. Knowledge reuse is essential for Developer productivity

Mr. Bean is profoundly confused and startled because he cannot quickly find solutions to his problem.

3. Flow State makes developers happy

Flow State defined:

4. Alignment (which also makes people happy) requires technical mastery + technical influence.

5. Demand for qualified software developers outpaces Universities’ capacity to teach them.³

6. Autodidactism will always have a place in tech (though not in all companies)

7. Articulating a technical question is a skill

8. Distractions are commonplace

Research on screen switching presented by psychologist + researcher Dr. Gloria Mark.

9. Three proven ways to preserve attention/focus⁵

10. Focus as a measure of Engagement + Being Challenged

Engagement vs. Challenge matrix — credit to Dr. Gloria Mark

BONUS: Some cool language to use when discussing developer productivity 🏆


Me having a grand ol’ time at the Stack Overflow conference!
Quirky conference! DJ at the reception was playing most popular songs to listen to while coding.




Data Engineer & Theatre Producer. More about me at www.yaakovbressler.com

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